Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was tagged on my friend Linda's page over at Beautiful Mustang. The rule to her tag was that I had to post the 6th picture from the 6th folder on my computer, and then blog about the picture.

I was a bit scared to find out what kind of picture was in store for you all to see. I told my boyfriend what I had to do, and he said, "oh, it doesn't matter, cause you can always just make it up." But that takes the fun out of it, right? Anyways, thats not my style. I must play fair.

My little sister, Sammi Jo, is pictured here closest to you. Her number is hard to see, but it is 35. Number 35 is a one heck of an athlete, and I make it a priority to attend every single game that I am available for. She Is a 3-point shooting guard...who I honestly thing is a stud. She always has a great attitude on the court, and keeps her teammates motivated.

It is funny that I had the chance to post this picture, because my mom and I had dinner together tonight and she was telling me about Sammi's latest sports news, which is not good. She just tried out for her high school softball team and made the JV's . She has always had a bad elbow, and it has lately been bothering her a lot more. One of Sammi's friends' dad is a doctor, so he felt around on it one night and said it didn't look good. He got her into a special doctor right away. After an MRI there was bad news. She has a torn tendon somewhere in her elbow that hasn't had the opportunity to heal correctly because she is so active. The tendon has already caused nerve damage down through Sam's arm. To make things worse the Doc suggests that Sam sit out for this softball season.

My mom says she doesn't know if she has really accepted the fact that she will not be playing softball this season. If she tried to play it would cause even worse damage, which could keep her aways from her best sports, basketball and Volleyball. I wish Sam luck and happy healing.


  1. That's sad about Sammi. I hope she gets well and can play the sports she so much loves.

  2. Good for you, Tileena--that you wouldn't make up a picture! That turned out to be a great one. That's horrible about her arm--but maybe a good thing that it was found out before it got worse! I hope it heals up for her quickly so she can get back to basketball!! Is she going to play in the Hoopfest this year?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Sam told me today that she wants to join some sort of dance instead of softball this year. That made me happy to hear something else was on tap.

    I am sure she will be playing in Hoopfest. That is usually a big event for the entire family. I look forward to watching Coleman too!