Thursday, March 5, 2009


Life is like an echo.
We get from it what we put in it, &
Just like an echo,
it often gives us much more.
-Boris Lauer-Leonard

During my frist 2 1/2 days at work I had to read this book called Wizard of Ads. It was an awesome book that was straight to the point and had no problem being a bit rude. After each short story/chapter is a great quote. as I went through I wrote a lot of them down, and now I have a collage of these sticky notes on my new desk:) Some will come in handy to send to family or friends when they need a nudge of encouragment:) Quotes and words of wisdome always make things better and happier!


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  1. Great quote...I love quotes, too. Hope all is going well. The 4 of us should get together for Dinner or something. Let me know!