Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Path of McCall 2/20/09

Approximately 4:00 PM

My sister Sammi and her friend Jacq spent their time in the back seat taking pictures on the way there.

A long steep climb up the Winchester Grade led to Blue Skies. Go Vandals!!

Around 6:00 PST but 7:00 really

Just outside of Riggins, Idaho in a small area called Polluck, I swerved to miss a deer and experienced the scariest moment of my life. It is an intense story, and my car held up well. I do not feel that it represents the severity of it. I think the undercarriage got the worst of it. Everyone came out okay, and I am SO thankful for this. Very scary, very. We had no cell pohone service, and it was 15 degrees outside. After a long wait for the Sherriff, my sister and her friend got a ride into the nearest town to borrow a phone. About two hours later, my mom and her boyfriend, Doug, Who were already in McCal came back to get us. We then had to wait for the Tow-truck to come from Grangeville (about 1 1/2 hours away).
We eventually made it to our McCall vacay home...wish was all worth the trip.

After Arrival

When arriving at the house, I immediately took a self guided tour. It was absolutely amazing. My brother and his family, along with a friend, had snuk past our wreck on the way, so they were there to greet us at the door.
After the tour, what did I do? Well...nothing else but the hot tub to cure my sore body.

Late Night Table Games

All of the "kids" + Doug (my mom's boyfriend) stayed up all night playing card games. It was a lot of fun bringing in Jay's birthday with all of us gathered around this big table.
Day One on the Town

Half of our group went snowmobiling, while the rest of us piled into our cars (not mine) and headed into town. We had high hopes of ice skating. Before this we thought we would grab some coffee and a sandwich.

When we got to the rink, all we were able to do was watch hockey. Our skating dreams were shot down, and I honestly don't think it was meant to be.

After the hockey...

Payette Lake is forzen, and we had a good time observing it. Matt wanted to go down and walk on it, but I just didn't see how we were going to get back up to the walk way. It was slippery. We had fun watching my sister and her friend slip down there.
We then walked around town and looked at the left over ice sculptures.

Last night...

My brother and his friend (Matt Smith) went tubing, while we all stayed home and rested up for dinner. The coolest part of the trip was eating all of our meals together right there at the house. My mom and aunt cooked breakfast each morning, and dinner each night. My mom even had dinner for us when we all very first got there.

Jay and Matt were eating, and I think I was bothering them. If you knew this look on my brother's face, it means that he thinks I am weird:)

Jayden helped him out, because at his old age he wasn't able to handle all the candles.

The next morning...and leaving

Group pictures

One the way out of town...

We stoppeed at the Shore Lodge Resort on the way out of town just to take a look. I loved the reflections in the lobby piano.

These are my two most favorite men in the world.

The view from this window was
amazing! We were goofing around.

From here we traveled home with my grandparents. Perhaps I was meant to wreck my car, so that I could spend such a lovely day with my grandparents on the way home.
The entire trip was great, and not because we did a lot of fun stuff, because we honestly didnt do anythin, but because we all spent some quality time together in one big house. The funnest part was just being together.


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  4. So glad the comments are working now! And I'm glad you were safe, Tileena. It looks like you had an amazing trip otherwise.

    Oh, and I came by way of Barbara. :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun - other than your car. Glad you weren't injured.

  6. Thanks for all the concern guys!
    We had a blast, even after the wreck.
    I am still having flash backs. Bad deal.

  7. I'm going to try posting from Mike's computer! I've tried all day, but no luck. The verification word won't come up.

    Anyway, I wanted to say how happy I am you're okay!! And, I love the family photos--your family looks great!

  8. Linda,
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