Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Needed Visit to Dad on the Hillside

I have been absent for a few days. I usually am so bored that I sit here on the internet all day long, but this week was a bit more hectic for me. The other day I started feeling very sorry for myself...which is NOT necessary. This is when I decided to get out of the house and spend some time with my family.

We had a few really nice days earlier in the week. Lucky me spent most of them cooped up in the house on the couch due to a wicked cough. Finally after My sweetie pie forced Dayquil and vitamins on me, I felt good enough to go for the drive I have been wanting to take.

A few years ago my step-dad passed away. I think that with all the free time I have had lately, and the fact that my little sister who just turned 15 is growing up so fast, I have been thinking about him a lot. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him, and how great it would be if he was here today to share all the great joy we experience daily. I don't like to say this, but it sort of makes me angry.

Matt had gone to the driving range to hit some balls that day, and I was tired of being sick on the couch. This is when I put my big girl pants on and drove up the river to Kendrick where my dad is buried in a mountain side cemetery. My camera battery was dead, so I wasn't able o take many pictures, but I had a nice conversation with my dad, caught some sun and while gaining one more bit of peace for myself.

It was beautiful up on the mountain side. From dad's gave there is an amazing view of the canyon, which the Clearwater River runs through back to Lewiston. The sun was peaking through a light blanket of clouds which pushed the sunshine out in a golden tint. I wish so badly I was able to take more pictures...but I am sure there will be another day.


  1. Tileena- I kept coming back to your blog, but you weren't here. I had the feeling you were busy with some personal thing...but not knowing what...thought it might be job related. Now I know. I'm sorry that you're camera didn't work that much, but there will be many more beautiful days; perhaps, you can go in the summer and if you need someone to go with you, just ask ME. Sorry also to hear about you cough...I thought I was getting sick yesterday, but it went away with a little Zicam.

    Hope to see you later. Blessings.

  2. I forgot to say that I love the headstone.

  3. Tileena--Your dad sounds like he must have been a great guy!

  4. Thanks guys! His headstone was made my his sister. She is real creative.

    I was gone all summer and didn't get a chance to make a visit. It is a beautiful drive.

    Thanks for the sweet comments.