Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Again

I guess that being a new puppy mom has been keeping me busy. Not only have I been trying to keep up with her, but also the job market. I am still selling newspaper subscriptions, and after five days in a row of bothering people. I had almost decide to give up on it. Monday after dealing with rude people outside of Walmart in Moscow, I received a phone call from Idavend Broadcasting (they run all the radio stations in the area). They wanted to interview me for the promotions director position. Today was my interview, and I think it went really well. If I get the job I will be in charge of promotion events for about eight stations. It sounds like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. We will see how things work out, but they did write me down for a second interview.

I also had a surprising phone call yesterday from the Lewiston Tribune. The reason I am selling Newspapers, is simply to get my foot in the door for my dream job. I want to do web video for the Tribune. I have talked to the newsroom editor, and I am sure they have passed my resume and DVD around, but they honestly probably cannot afford hiring anyone right now, which is sad.

However, to my surprise I did receive a phone call from the Advertising Director around noon yesterday. He wanted me to go down and shoot a quick video for an e-mail they are sending out to local businesses. The video was basically an invitation to a presentation the Tribune is putting on to talk about ad ideas they have. Newspapers are desperate to bring in advertisers. With web, and the bad economy, newspapers have been losing this revenue. I finished shot and edited the video in three hours. I am just so happy about the fact they had me in mind to help them out. Phone calls like this give me hope!!


  1. All of this sound very encouraging. Good luck!!!

  2. Very good news. I hope at least one of these works out for you.

  3. Southern (in)Sanity,
    Thanks, I hope something works too. I would love to do video for the Tribune.