Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Ad Prices

Don't get me wrong, I love watching the game, but honestly, I get a lot of excitement out of the commercials. This year's batch wasn't the best. I think last years were pretty good. If you think about it, advertisers have to pay a massive price just for the ad spot, AND a pretty penny to make the ad. I believe this is why some of the ads seemed to be of lower quality. Below is a Doritos ad, which I found hilarious and very effective, yet of lower quality than say, one that used special graphics and a large camera crew. In this ad, I bet they used a max of two cameras, if that. This could have been possible with only one.

I know that a Superbowl ad normally costs about $3 million dollars per 30 seconds. I was interested to browse the web this year to see if costs might have gone down due to the economic hardships. This is what Forbes had to say about the ads: "With a price tag of up to $100,000 a second, companies that bought ads in Super Bowl XLIII are banking on buzz. NBC sold spots up until the last minute, convincing marketers that even in a harsh economy, Super Bowl ads can help build a brand and drive sales. The network scored several first-time sponsors, including Mars’ Pedigree dog food, Denny’s and"

Did you have a favorite ad??


  1. Yeah, that was a funny one and the other Doritos ad where he got hit by the bus. He was so annoying, I think it got an extra big laugh from us!

  2. Linda:
    This was also a favorite of mine. especially when the cop seemed to melt and the cute little monkey popped out! I was dying!

  3. wow!
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  4. You are right. It seemed that the technical "quality" of the commercials this year wasn't nearly what it has been.

    I enjoyed the teleflora,, Doritos: Magic Chip and Bud Light: Circus commercials.

    I didn't particularly care for Alec Baldwin's Hulu spot, or Pepsi's "MacGruber" ad.

    The worst, though, was Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer hawking That was sad. Very sad.

  5. I liked the Dorito's ad. Pretty clever, and funny. But I can't remember what that 1 second ad was about.

  6. Thanks you for all the input.

    Do you guys recall the commercial where they talk about enhancements, and the girl whips out her breasts?! I thought these were a bit much. kinda dumb, although...the guys did rewind it. "Just one more time," they said.

  7. Hi Tileena- There's something for you over on my blog. Blessings!!