Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Addition

After about two days of secretive calls with his sister, my boyfriend was begining to concern me. I knew it had to do something with Valentine's Day. When it comes to presents, and trying to keep them a secret, he never prospers. I don't know if I am the type that seems eager, becasue I LOVE surprises, but he is like a little kid wanting to open presents early. Although, in his case it is wanting to GIVE them early.

I was sitting on the couch when he came home from work on Thursday looking at dogs on the local shelters web page. He became concerned with me looking at other dogs, and blurted out his plan to buy me a mini schnauzer!

His parents own a schnauzer, and I have fallen in love with his little...well...big personality. I also know that Mat is obsessed with animals, and little Riley boy (his parents Schnauzer) so we had talked about getting one for some time now.

At about 4:00 yesterday we had arrived at the home of five Schnauzers, in Culdesac Idaho. Three were puppies, and one little girl. She was the most precious of them all with a tiny hot pink halter around her shoulders. I looked at her face while I held the little boy I liked, and there was nothing I had ever seen as cute.

We had to have been there for about an hour and a half before I decided to take her home. I wanted to make sure to get the perfect puppy, and give them the right owner. It was important to me that the puppy like me as much I liked them. Who wants to go home with a dong, which despises them from taking it away from it's family? I wouldn't.

Matt's parents came along to visit the puppies, and I could tell it was hard for Barbara to leave empty handed. She has such a passion for Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Besides falling in love with the little girl, I knew her dog, Riley, would find a great companion in my little girl...and make the cutest babies some day. When she whispered this idea in my head I knew for sure that I wanted the little girl. Not only did I fall in love with her petite stature, but I know how happy it would make everyone to have the opportunity to own one of Riley's off spring eventually.

After leaving with my new mini Schnauzer I was grinning from ear to ear. We went to Jim and Barbara's where she cooked us up some dinner, gave me lots of good tips, along with a Mini Schnauzer magazine, and a new kennel for our girl.

From here we were on a mission to show of the newest member of the family, First stop: Matt's friend, Luke; second: my Mom, who was pretty smitten, and didn't want to give my baby up when it was time fo us to move on. Our third and last stop was made at my brother's house where my 3-year-old niece lives. This was what I had been waiting for.

"Who's puppy," Jay said. "Mine! its my Valentine's day present," I replied.
"No way," he said, "wow."

Jayden was hesitant at first, and then eventually came and sat with me on the floor with her eyes open wide. She didn't want to give it kisses because she said it might bite her. I assured her she wouldn't, and she continued stroking her back with her little hand.

After three stops, and lots of new people, our little puppy was tired. This is when we were ready to call her Abigail. Her given name will be Abigail, which Matt came up with, but I like to call her Abby.

She is really good at going potty outside right away, and at the moment she is sleeping on my lap with her chin resting on my forearm. She must like the movement as I type, because she has not moved since I started typing.

We love her so much and look forward to a great journey as puppy parents. She currently has a bad hair cut, so our first big stop this morning is to buy a new puppy sweater, Courtesy of Grandma Barbara. Thank you!


  1. She looks really sweet. You guys are going to have so much fun with her. I'll be looking forward to lots of pictures!

  2. Cute puppy. Good job by your boyfriend.

  3. Ooohhhh, she looks soooo cute!!! Especially the pic of you and her together. Becka told me this morning that she saw her last night, too, and was impressed. She is a little doll!!!! And such a good girl!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a darling little puppy ! I have had dogs almost all of my life but, my little poddle of 16 years has gone on to heaven to wait for me. She has been gone for 4 years now and when I think about her now I almost cry. They are a joy to own.
    I know you are so happy.
    I know you do not know who I am, I follow Barbara's blog, my name is Leslie

  5. How sweet-alicious! Enjoy your new baby. I know she will give you lots of joy and love!

  6. Hi

    I follow Barbara's blog and was thrilled to be sent for a visit to yours! I enjoyed reading your stories, but most of all I enjoyed meeting your new puppy! She's precious! I want to reach out, pick her up and hug her!

    Look forward to visiting again!

  7. Awwwww! I love puppies! Puppy breath and those warm little tummies!

  8. Congratulations on your little puppy! Puppies are so much fun - you are going to have a blast with her!

  9. Hello all! I just got home from a--not so intense--day at work. I was to thank everyone for all the comments about my preciousl little one.

    I also lost a dog a few years ago, I think my dad needed her in heaven. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for the nice comment.

    Southern (in)Sanity,
    Yes, he did a wonderful job!

    Oh she has already brightened my life, and this is the first day. We had a blast today...but spent lots of money:(

    I wish you could hold her. It is amazing. she is a bit timid yet. She will soon feel right at home...with out the shakes.


    Puppy breath is great! she likes to jump up and lick my nose. I love it!

    I am excited for you to meet her! She is even cuter in person!

    Yes. I was so happy Becka stopped by to share my excitement. Thank you so much...for all the help again! I will have some pictures up right away to show off her new sweaters. yes that is plural. It was two for one!!! YAY! She is stylin' now.

  10. Hi Tileena, and welcome to your new Valentine puppy! I clicked over from Barbara's and loved seeing the new addition here. She's adorable, enjoy!!

  11. Joanne,
    Thank you for the comment. She really is amazing. Barbara loves her too. We are all so proud.

  12. What great pictures!!! And so cute!!

  13. Terri,
    Thank you. I have been carrying my camera on my pocket. last night I left it in the car, and my boyfriend said, "why would you leave your camera in your car? What if she does something cute." Lol. He loves her too.

  14. That is a great present and a wonderful Valentine story. I'm a big kid, too when it comes to giving & opening presents early.

  15. e.Craig,
    I love getting presents and giving presents too! I am the one that always says, maybe we could just open our presents early. He is worse than me, though.