Sunday, January 18, 2009

My final day at the St. Cloud Times this summer was spent with mixed emotions. Home, of course, sounds spectacular after about nine weeks away from everything familiar. Yet, my adventure was ending.
On normal days I had entered the newsroom with a story lined up. This day was different, and nothing was on tap right away, so my next and last Video piece at the Times was heavy on my mind. I wanted to go out with a bang. Around noon I was told to cover the New citizens ceremony at the city hall.
It was nothing like I had ever experienced, and more than I had expected. The new citizens were so happy to become a part of our country.
What some may take advantage of, "a gift from god to them" one man said.

I had no idea how much it means to be an American until I spoke with a few adoptees.

I enjoyed piecing this together, and hope that I caught the joyful emotions in the colorfully filled Minnesota courtroom.

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