Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am back from my little sister's basketball game, which she won. I was very proud of her because as she has grown up I have tried and tried to give her some tips for the court only to hear her say, "I know Tileena, just leave me alone. I know what I am suppose to do."

I think that she has now matured, and isn't too cool to listen to her big sis every once and awhile, after all I was a good ball player once upon a time. After her game last night I told her some things that I thought she should work on, and tonight I definitely saw her incorporate them into her game tonight.

I said I would come back and explain some the pictures I put in my collage. I have been a bit down lately because I have waited my whole life to graduate, and get this great job after college. well...I am now in the real world, and this is just not how it works...but try telling Tileena that:)

I was sitting here on my couch, where I do my blogging, and was thinking about how much I love my couch, then I think about how I need to pay for it. To get my mind of of this fact I thought of other things that I have that put a smile on my face.

Keys to my happiness:

1.) My boyfriend, and best friend: Matty, whom I call my sweetie pie.
2.) My new couch, which we have wanted for a long time.
3.) My new fishy, and his home that I made out of a flower vase and a start off another plant I have.
4.) My new fruit bowl that I bought today because I am tired of having loose apples rolling around on my table.
5.) My family. They are not all on here, but I want to specifically point out my niece, Jayden, who I love more than anything in the world. She is my world.

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