Friday, January 30, 2009

Five Minutes of Fame/ Shout Out to Idaho

This is a video of my family and I watching My aunt, Jolee's five minutes of on Leno last night. If you missed it her is your chance to watch from my perspective. Every now and then I pan to the lef to get a reaction shot. The girl in the corner of the screen is the hog caller's daughter, Jacey Bacon. She had to stay home.

I hope everyone enjoyed watching Leno last night. I know that my family and I had a good time. My little sister turned a whopping 15 yesterday, so we all got together at my Aunt Shirley's house and ate my mom's famous spaghetti before sitting down to watch Jay Leno during the East coast showing. I also posted a photo of my sister with the gift I got her. I made the scarf around her neck to match the Ed Hardy shirt she is showing off.

I have a huge family, and we all sat around an over sized sectional couch in the shape of a U. Some sat on the floor, and when my aunt walked on screen we all got a kick out of it. She wore an Arizona Cardinals Jersey because this was the purpose of the competition (to predict who would win the Super Bowl). The jersey was not flattering at all, and of course, Leno made a crack at her weight, which I didn't find very nice. I suppose he could have said worse.

My family resides on a small Indian Reservation here in Idaho, which about 1,000 people populate. This morning I sat my newspaper table up at the local grocery store in hope to sell some subscriptions. I had a successful day, and sold seven, but the most exciting part of my day was hearing everyone's reaction to watching my aunt on TV. Because it is such a small town, everyone new that she was going to be on TV, and they all tuned in to get a good laugh.

My aunt should be home tomorrow, and I am sure she will have some stories to tell!!


  1. I love the scarf. You're going to have to teach me how to make one. It's beautiful.

    Watched Jolie last night and felt very proud of her. She's brave!!!!

  2. I missed Leno last night, but your video of the event was special. It appears that your aunt had a great time.

  3. Great video. I am sure she will have some great stories.

  4. Barbara: We will most definitely have to set up a crocheting date! I have an extra needle and LOTS of yarn!