Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Hog Caller

Back in September my aunt entered the hog calling contest at the Nez Perce County Fair. We camp out at the fair every year because every member of the family is involved (I took a pig for 9 years). This year, my aunt Jolee, who's last name happens to be bacon, thought she would do a little entertaining.

Jolee is the one in the family that you dread introducing to your new boyfriend (at least this is how I feel) because she will do anything to embarrass you or them.

The video above speaks for its self. The "pig" that she is calling is played by her daughter, Jacey.

Jolee won the contest, hands down.

The Lewiston Morning Tribune covered the contest and interviewed her after the big performance. Some how they also managed to get a video of it and posted it on their blog.

This is where the story gets amazing: every morning news show, including Good Morning America, shared the video on their show. After the word was out her phone began ringing off the hook. Tons and tons of talk show hosts wanted her to be on their show. None of them ever worked out, BUT...yesterday she got a phone call from Jay Leno himself. He is putting her on a plane to California tomorrow. My aunt will be competing in Jay Leno's hog calling contest...this time it is a live hog. There is one other contestant, I believe from Louisiana?

Make sure and watch my aunt on Leno this Thursday (two days away). You will not want to miss this one. She is truly fearless, and thrives on attention!

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