Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Aunties Love

I am lucky enough to have my 3-year-old niece, Jayden, tonight. I often think about howdeep my love runs for her. You know how first time mothers talk about this whole different level of love that they experience? I of course do not know anything about this, but If I love this little girl as much as I do, what is going to happen when my time comes to have my own? Boy, oh boy.

We have been watching her latest favorite animated movie by Dr. Seuss, "Horton Hears a Who." She sits on the couch with her eyes glued to the TV only until the time comes to repeat one of Horton's lines--which she does very often. About every other minute she will turn to me with her eye brows raised high and that cute little smirk across her face, and says, "Oh my gosh, Horton said...." or she giggles and just talks to herself about what is going on. She is an only child, so talking to herself is a normal occurrence. I find it pretty darn cute. I Do believe that I find everything she does adorable...unless it deals with her bringing food anywhere near my new couch:)

Anyways, "Horton Hears a Who" is a great animated movie. Children's cartoons are so amazing these days. The creators really know how to cater to the adults that may get stuck watching them also. The Dr. Seuss flick is about an elephant to finds a speck of dust. On this speck of dust sits an entire other world. It is Horton's destiny to keep this dust speck's residents safe. This is the type of thing I think about all the time! We CANNOT be the only world here. I am sure there is tons of little worlds out there, or maybe WE are a speck of dust floating around some other giant world. Ooohhhh the possibilities. I could go on forever, and this chilrdren's cartoon sparked it all. HAHH!


  1. The way she's looking at you with all that love...adorable!!!!!!!!

  2. Barbara:
    Thanks Barbara! We always have such a good time together.

  3. How cute. She's a beautiful girl!

  4. Linda:
    Thank you. She has some good looking parents. You know how when you see a beautiful girl you just can't help but stare...this is her mother.

  5. Southern (in)Sanity: food on the couch for anyone who still drinks out of a sippy cup:)