Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paper Pusher

150 newspapers + 4 hours = 2 subscription sales, grouchy Tileena with $24 for her day of work. Woo hoo!!!

I have now been the paper pusher for almost two weeks now. I don't completely hate it...but most definitely do not like it.

"Would you like a free Tribune...Free paper." I say as store goers enter the doors of what ever store I am lucky enough to be sitting in front of that day.

You know how in the movies they always have some guy standing on the busy city street corner yelling out the latest headlines, trying to sell the daily news? I feel like this guy.

I was at the Moscow Safeway today and the manager was nice enough to let me set up in the foyer area where they keep the carts. It wasn't completely inside the store, but I was excited about the fact that I would not have snow falling on me all day. I set my table up in between the two automatic sliding doors. One door leads to the outside winter wonderland, and the other into the store. About 10 minutes into my day I could feel my thighs burning from the cold weather blowing through the passageway. I then came to my attention that the outside door, which is supposed to close, was broke!

To make a long story short, left my designated area to stand between the Starbucks kiosk and the soup island. during my four hours there I only sold two subscriptions...and I was giving away $10 Safeway gift cards! One month only costs $12.50, and I told them that I didn't care if they canceled it after the first month. Do these people not understand that I need money and it would only cost them 2.50 out of pocket? To answer my own question, they do!I include this in my convincing strategy. Well...I leave the desperate for money idea out, but they should understand that part. Right?

On the plus side of things, I did get a free sample of a pumpkin cream muffin from the nice Starbucks man. Amazing!


  1. Hey Tileena--sounds like a lot of work! I read this the other day when you first posted it and I thought--maybe you should sell it as a gossip rag--like this,

    "Hey, read all about it--who's getting married--who's getting divorced--read it right here folks! Who's going bankrupt, going to jail, being born! It's better than looking in your neighbor's window--and, hell, it's legal! All of it, right here for a mere $12.50 a month--now that's a bargain, folks!"

    Just kidding. But really, if the Enquirer can fly off the newstands--the Tribune, full of local fascination, should do the same. Right?

    Hope the sales improve--OR you get a BIG promotion!

  2. Thanks Linda. This is Hilarious! The other day the paper had an article on the front page about how beef will now have a location label on it. I had fun with this one: "Get your free paper here! Find out where your meat is coming from!"

    I only say crazy things to the people that try to hurry passed me like I am invisible. "I know you hear me!"

    Although they may think I am weird, it keeps things exciting:)